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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus Is Soooooo Big

Posted by KingShamus on January 25, 2013


How big is it?

Wisconsin’s budget picture brightened Thursday, with new estimates that show a surplus will grow to $484 million, giving Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker even more room to pursue their tax cutting agenda.

The estimate from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau was nearly $137 million better than one Walker’s administration released in November. The numbers will be used by Walker as he puts the final touches on his two-year spending plan, which he’s set to unveil on Feb. 20.

But surely this is not a accomplishment worthy of our adulation. We shouldn’t be impressed by such a meager feat. Governor Walker was just building off a previous budget surplus, right?

In 2011, Walker took office facing a roughly $3 billion budget shortfall…



Look, I know it’s a stretch to make this comparison, but can you imagine if the federal government did anything like what Scott Walker has done? Is it even possible to picture a world where we–and I realize how crazy this sounds–lowered the debt ceiling? Neither Obama or the Congressional GOPers talk about getting to a surplus these days. The fight in Washington is over whether the debt should be unimaginably immense or just insanely massive. Spending less than what you take in is seen as a hopeless anachronism that doesn’t make sense in our enlightened new age.

Yet here’s Scott Walker, scourge of progressives from Berkley to Georgetown, actually getting his state in line with ancient unfeasible common sense.

Hey, conservatives, you wanted a winning right-wing governing model? Walker’s only been serving it you fresh out of the oven for two years straight, surviving a brutal recall election in the process. If that’s not bad-ass enough to at least merit a sniff from the Republican talent scouts, I don’t know what is.

I snagged this link from Ann Althouse’s blog. Thanks.

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One Last Comment On The Wisconsin Recall Results

Posted by KingShamus on June 6, 2012

Via the great Tree Hugging Sister over at the ever-awesome Coalition of the Swilling. 

Yes, because when liberals piss their pants and demand a recall and get their wish and then get completely annihilated in the vote; yeah that’s the end of democracy. 

Funny how the 1.3 million voters who cast a ballot for Scott Walker last night weren’t taking part in the democratic process of voting.  Uh-huh.  Of course.

Remember this folks–It was the progressive movement in Wisconsin that screamed bloody murder for a recall.  Not Scott Walker.  Not the Wisconsin GOP.  Not the RNC.  No, this was the progressive movement’s super-genius plan, egged on by rocket surgeons like Rachel Maddow and EJ Dionne. 

Even better, Democratic National Committee Hairdo-in-Chief Debbie Wasserman-Schultz insisted the recall was a dry run for November’s presidential contests.  President Obama bailed the hell out of this thing when he saw the shit was about the hit the fan for Tom Barrett.  Not Wasserman-Schultz.  She brilliantly threw gasoline on the bonfire of a major Democratic loss, helping to turn the Wisconsin recall into a nationwide Thunderdome for everyone to see.    

Now the progs are in full sputtering petulant teenager mode because for once a Republican dared to work the system better than they did.

Remind me why I’m supposed to feel sorry for these people.

Fucking reap the whirlwind you brought upon yourselves, Stalinists.

Hey, maybe this will be a time of reflection for the American left.  Maybe they’ll rethink their priorities.  Maybe they’ll figure out that their ideas are out of step with many Americans.

Mark my words. There will be no realization (definitely not publicly) of lack of popularity amongst the die-hard public unionists, progressives, and other fellow travelers. They will double down on such things as blaming the Koch Brothers, Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and what-have-you.

Reality check courtesy of the great and powerful Meep over at the tremendous Conservative Commune.

Hey, the Right scored a nice little win last night.   But this is just a single battle in the war for 2012.  The Left is just deluded enough to think that it’s their communication that’s screwed up, not their actual shitty policies. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is:  Buck up conservatives.  This ain’t over by a damn sight.

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Tonight’s Results In Wisconsin Are A Big Deal

Posted by KingShamus on June 5, 2012

What’s at stake here?  Via Allahpundit, Jay Cost has an answer.

The old craft and industrial unions had a stake in the private economy: the faster it grew, the more workers were needed, and the more money everybody made. However, that is not how public sector unionism works at all. In fact, the interest of the public sector unions is not in growing the private economy, but of socializing an ever-greater portion of the national wealth.

And these unions have a decidedly clientelistic relationship with the Democratic party. They provide money for the campaign in exchange for special benefits after the election… Today’s Democrats protect and expand government unions whenever and wherever they are able – by fighting efforts to trim collective bargaining rights, by opposing school choice, by resisting efforts to make the government function more efficiently, etc…

That’s really important.

Ace had a post today about how conservatives should get behind traditionalist movies like “For Greater Glory”.   After all, movie studios will have a greater incentive to make right-of-center films if they actually make money.  Rewarding good behavior will more often than not get further good behavior in the future.

We tend to forget that we have to reward politicians who stand strong for our team.  Governor Walker has taken a heaping ration of shit from the Wisconsin Left and their allies in the national progressive movement.  They’ve made this a national referendum.  It would be very nice if the good guys won this thing and demoralized the liberals but good.

More:  I dunno who is going to win this recall.  However, I was listening to the radio this afternoon and I happened upon the Ed Schultz show.  You could practically hear his tears dripping onto the microphone.  Lots of “It ain’t over til it’s over” talk.  Much doe-eyed winsome referring to anecdotal evidence of massive progressive turnout.

Like I said, I won’t make a prediction but Sgt. Schitzhead sounded like Team Walker pissed in his feeding trough.

That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

Still More:  Ace coblogger CAC has a great Wisconsin recall election monitoring post up and running over at the HQ.  Live updates, commentary, the works.  Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

UPDATE:  Via the AOSHQDD:  Walker:  251,276,   Barrett:  155,283  with 19% reporting.

That sound you’re hearing?  Liberals working up into a full-throated wailing and gnashing of teeth hissy-fit.

UPDATE II:  It’s over.  Walker wins.  Decisively.

I’ll be on Twitter, drinking progressive tears…like the sweet sweet wine that they are.

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