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Rule Five Brasilia Edition: Raica Oliveira, Cleo Pires, Natalia Anderle, Camila Rodrigues, Morena Baccarin

Posted by KingShamus on March 26, 2011

Brazil.  It’s not just the home of a very specific kind of waxing or blow-out.  No, Gentle Reader, Brazil has more to offer than it’s various hair treatments.  I know this is going to come as a shock to many of you, but Brazil has been known to have a few attractive women.     

I wanna let you all know something:  I had a really hard time finding hot Brazilian chicks.  As you can all imagine, it was utter torture.  But I went through that misery for the most important people in the world–my readers.

I just hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you.

Anyhoooo, on to the cheesecake!

Raica Oliveira

Cleo Pires

Natalia Anderle

Camila Rodrigues

Morena Baccarin


UPDATE:  Big up to The Daley Gator for hooking us up with some linky love and a nice Gator-lanche to boot.  Thanks to all the Gator-Fans who stopped by.  Come back any time.

As for my readers, I highly reccommend you take a gander at The Daley Gator’s Rule Five Mega-Post.  It’s awesome.

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