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Best Idea Ever–Female Frontline Soldiers

Posted by KingShamus on December 3, 2012

Jeff over at Protein Wisdom gives us the scoop on the latest doings on the female empowerment front.

This is actually quite interesting:  “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), representing four military women and the activist Servicewomen’s Action Network (SWAN), has filed a San Francisco lawsuit demanding that female soldiers be forced into direct ground combat (infantry) battalions.”

The lawsuit is being filed because female soldiers have been proven to be just as good ad their male counterparts.

This despite “numerous studies and tests conducted over the past 30 years, in the direct ground combat environment” showing “women do not have an equal opportunity to survive, or to help fellow soldiers survive.”



It must be sexist or racist or sexist-racist (sexiracist?) to keep women off the front lines, so let the litigation commence.

BTW:  I’m with Jeff.  If a woman can physically and mentally perform to the same degree as a man, she should be eligible to serve in any Obamafied kinetic military actions.

But that’s not what this lawsuit is about.

It’s about making women ‘equal’ to men, no matter how badly we have to torture biology and physics and math to make it happen.

Whatever.  I for one have had it trying to protect thumbsucking anti-American leftoids from the consequences of their moronic policy proposals.  Every day, members of the reality-based community furiously beat their spoons on their high chairs demanding the rest of us give in to every one of their thoughtless childish whims.

So fuck it.  Give the ACLU everything that it wants in this case.  Marxists think women in combat is like the bestest idea ever?  Cool.  We should make Gloria Allred an eleventy-star general just to celebrate this marvelous achievement-free achievement.

As a matter of fact, if you look at the history of America, women have gotten off pretty easy when it comes to fighting in combat.  Since the Revolutionary War, the overwhelming number of soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen have been men.  The US government has been guilty of creating a disparate impact on our male citizens-soldiers.  This sort of blatant sexist discrimination against almost half of our population cannot and will not stand.

Currently, the US Army is 13% female and 87% male.  Those numbers need to change.  If we’re serious about righting the long-standing historic wrong our government has perpetrated against men, we must not only must allow women serve in combat.  We have to go further, and make the Army an 87% female force.

Call me a radical feminist, but America will never be an equal society when women don’t have to shoulder the burden of defending our country.   That means our Army must stop taking in male recruits, while at the same time creating a massive new program to recruit and retain female Army candidates.  It’s the only way we can right one of the great civil rights failures in America’s history.

I mean, why not let a Katy Perry video help determine our nation’s military policy?

Update:  Linked by Theo Spark! Thanks for the shout-out.

Update II:  Linked by Edge Of The Sandbox.  Check out her post for the sexxxiest picture of Moochelle Obama ever.

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