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Merry Christmas 2012

Posted by KingShamus on December 25, 2012

Kris Kringle’s Good Behavior/Bad Behavior Surveillance Program went from “charming” to “Orwellian” overnight.


Santa Claus:  Just another liberal fascist?

More importantly…Dear BDKS homies, have a very Merry Christmas.

I hope jolly ole Saint Nick gives you everything on your wish list, without all the newfangled voyeuristic spying.

I also want to say thanks to all the readers who come to Blog De KingShamus.  You guys and gals rule.  Thanks for stopping by and making this goofy little webzone cool.  My posts always get intelligent commentary, often smarter than the actual posts themselves.  That’s pretty awesome and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

So Merry Christmas to you, Gentle Readers.  May you be blessed with faith and fellowship on this great holiday.  Stay safe in your travels.  Keep the reason for the season in your hearts.

Also, wearing a tin-foil hat to stop Santa’s mind-reading rays might not be a bad idea either.  ;-p

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Merry Christmas from Blog de KingShamus

Posted by KingShamus on December 25, 2010

But first, some interesting news from Maury Povitch:

Joseph is taking the paternity test results pretty well.  Check it out.

Seriously, Merry Christmas to all the readers of Blog de KingShamus.  You all make this place hum along.  I am truly inspired and blessed by the people who follow the link to the blog with the dorky name and rock out here from time to time.  Thanks, folks.  You rule. 

(Yeah, I recycled last year’s post.  It was so good I had to play it again.)

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Christmas Eve 2010

Posted by KingShamus on December 24, 2010

What’s more festive than horrifying Christmas sweaters?

See, even the boys in Queens of the Stone Age have gotten into the act.

Hey, it’s Christmas Eve ya’all!  Rock out, BDKS homies!

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Blog De KingShamus wishes you a Merry Christmas

Posted by KingShamus on December 25, 2009

Hey, looks like somebody has been on the Maury Povitch Show…

But hey, check out Joseph’s reaction:

In all seriousness, Merry Christmas to all my readers and homies out there.  May this holiday be full of joy for you and yours.

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Holiday Celebration at work

Posted by KingShamus on December 4, 2009

Yeah, I wrote ‘Holiday Celebration’, not ‘Christmas Party’. My day job is having a ‘Holiday Celebration’ tonight. For many reasons, I’m sorta meh on the whole idea.

By now, it should be pretty obvious that the politically correct police have won major victories in the fight against people mentioning their Christian faith in anything above a guilty whisper under their bedcovers with nobody else around to hear them. Even though everybody knows that the workplace is holding this shin-dig (and getting a few days off in a couple weeks) because most Americans celebrate the birth of their Messiah on December 25th, nobody can actually say the word Christmas.

So instead, we go around saying ‘Holiday Celebration’ or ‘Happy Holidays’. It’s just weak-ass near-beer bullshit to me. What is a holiday, anyway? Sounds an awful lot like holy day to me, which would seem to denote some sort of religious meaning. Everybody knows we’re gonna have a few drinks and eat an overpriced meal because a lot of people think Christmas is a pretty awesome day. But because some debbie downer with an axe to grind might-MIGHT-get her panties in a bunch, we all have to tip-toe around her precious feelings.

In very few other life scenarios does the minority get to exert it’s will over the majority to such a degree. Nobody cares if you get less votes in an election. You lost, case closed. If I think I should be able to drive 85 MPH on the highway, yet everybody else is clogging the lanes doing 60, I’m shit out of luck and I have to lay off the accelerator. Male cross-dressers are free to strap on high heels and throw on a mini skirt, but they’re not free to demand that all other guys follow their lead and frolic about in a Vera Wang ensemble.

Yet in the case of religion in general, and Christmas in particular, the minority can demand all sorts of concessions from the majority and few people have the nerve to say otherwise.

Oh well. I say Merry Christmas to all the non-Christians who come here. I’m not trying to convert you, I’m not trying to pressure you into going to church with me. I’m just wishing you well during this holy time. Don’t get offended. Just take it for what it is-a sign of friendship and peace from a believer. Thats all.

Peace out.

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