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Mayor Mike Bloomberg: “The NYC Marathon is on; let the boroughs eat running shoes” (Update!)

Posted by KingShamus on November 2, 2012

Gutsy call.

Fresh off his “climate disruption”-driven endorsement of President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chosen to divert critical food supplies and power generators from desperate residents of Staten Island to Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Gothamist reports:

[T]hose urging the city to halt the run believe that the thousands of Marathon volunteers could direct their efforts towards post-Sandy relief and cleanup, “and they also argue that the event will divert thousands of police from important hurricane-related duties.” But despite petitions circulating, work started up again yesterday on the Marathon route.

A tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us there were lots of workers in and out of the park today, who had “started before the storm and then came back starting yesterday.” Trailers are lined up from around 71st to 66th Streets on Central Park West, a food truck was set up today, and “generators have been sitting there at least a week.” The tents that were taken down prior to the storm have also been set back up, and there is a stage set up near 73rd Street.

Considering all the volunteer help and NYPD attention that’s already being diverted to the Marathon, the added sight of generators and food being channeled to the event is probably going to strike some New Yorkers as a little misplaced—we’re thinking of the ones who are currently lined up waiting for the National Guard to ration out MREs and bottles of water.

Because that’s just what people who have no electricity, food, running water or homes really need at this moment.  I’m sure most New Yorkers are gonna be super-stoked to see this road race;  mind you, without televisions or a way to get to the race, so they’ll have to watch the contest using the power of their  imaginations.  In the aftermath of a huge natural disaster, it’s a proven scientific fact that humans clamor to witness a clusterfuck of professional joggers realizing their lifelong dream of having a runner’s high climaxing with 40,000 other dudes in skin tight shorts.  Hey Manhattanites–Even though you haven’t had a hot shower in a week, get out to the race and hand some anonymous runners you’ve never heard of bottles of Dasani.

But of course the marathon isn’t diverting any resources away from rescue, recovery and repair efforts.

Without looking it up pretty much everything brought to bear to organize the marathon could be useful:

  • food
  • water
  • those insulated blankets they give to the runners after the finish line
  • generators
  • tents (the material could be useful, even if you’re not going to be camping outside)
  • hotel rooms
  • cops

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s just off the top of my head.  People could actually use that stuff, especially given we’re having a cold spell and possibly another nor’easter come our way.

So yeah, no desperately needed truly vital resources are being diverted for this mass jogging exercise.

Naturally, I tried to offer suggestion and encouragement to Mike Bloomberg via Twitter.

* Hi @mikebloomberg! Nice nanny-state! You think Staten Island might need generators more than your precious foot race?

* Hi @mikebloomberg! Sweet 3 terms! Also, what fuels the generators the Marathon will use? The spirit of competition?

@mikebloomberg pats himself on the back for being compassionate w/your money, then uses much-needed generators for the NYC Marathon. #3terms

* Just remember NYC: If it’s a choice between restoring city services and running a footrace, @mikebloomberg chooses a footrace over you.

* Nurse @mikebloomberg is so compassionate he wants to make sure runners are nice & comfy during the NYC Marathon. Staten Island residents? Eh

@MikeBloomberg‘s 4th term slogan: “Limited Soft Drinks For New Yorkers, Unlimited Facilities For Out-of-Town Marathoners”

* I for one think its great that @MikeBloomberg is running the NYC Marathon. It shows just how much he cares about NYC residents.#NotAtAll

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “Yeah, Sandy was a drag, but we can’t let the destruction stop me from impressing rich foreigners.”#Compassion

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “Gas up those generators for the NYC Marathon. There isn’t a severe crippling fuel shortage in the tri-state area.”

* Shorter @MikeBloomberg: “I’m gonna make sure lower Manhattan is safe…but first let’s go run a road-race through the scenic devastation.”

Surprisingly, Mister Mayor refrained from thanking me for my kind sentiments.

Pray for New York City, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s being led by a greedy heartless scumfuck who puts ING’s interests above the needs of the city he supposedly represents.

UPDATE:  As soon as I posted this, they announced the race was off.

Perfect timing as usual.

I know a lot of people want to to give Mayor Bloomberg credit; ‘Well, at least he got it right in the end’.

Yeah, only after getting screamed at for three days.


Huzzah for Mike Bloomberg, who makes the proper decision when an entire city has to bark at the man to come to his senses.

Remember how thoughtless and bungling Mike Bloomberg has shown himself to be in the wake of the New York City Marathon when this sawed-off cockbag wants to buy himself a Presidency in 2016.

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Politicizing The Aurora Shooting…Again

Posted by KingShamus on July 24, 2012

The victims’ funerals aren’t over, but that won’t stop snow-plowing expert and dietary super-genius Mike Bloomberg from using the Aurora shootings to advance his gun-grabber hobbyhorse.

First of all, I think it’s great that in a time of cash-strapped municipal and state budgets Bloomberg is calling for massive widespread public union strife.  Since Bloomy is a multibillionaire, I’m sure he’ll pick up the tab when cities and towns have to hire scads of replacement cops.  I’m also quite certain that every other mayor and governor in America is going to love Nurse Mike potentially creating a labor dispute for them to deal with.

Also, let us all take a few moments to savor the scrumptious irony of Mike Bloomberg, scourge of the New York City teacher’s union, telling another group of public sector workers how to negotiate their labor agreements.

The problem here is that Mike Bloomberg is, for all intents and purposes, a member of the Left.  Any time you give a statist a public office above the dog-catcher paygrade, they start planning ways of enacting all their great and small power-grabs.  If a progressive with any sort of ambition wins a popularity contest election, he starts to think everyone on the planet has a heart-boner for him and his big government schemes.

This sort of thinking ends up justifying all kinds of ugly behavior, such as using the murder of twelve innocent Americans to advance a political cause.

But of course the Aurora shooting isn’t first time conservatives have been instantaneously tried and convicted of political violence by elements of American liberals.  Via Andy over at AceofSpadesHQ, here is a handy timeline of progressive blame-rightwingers-first accusations.

FLASHBACK: when Dr. Amy Bishop shot her colleagues, the Left speculated that she was a Tea Partier. In fact, she was an Obama donor.

FLASHBACK: Discovery Channel hostage-taker was supposedly a climate change denier. In fact, he was an enviroweenie, D.Channel intern.

FLASHBACK: the census-taker was supposedly hanged by extremist anti-tax Tea Partiers. In fact, he hanged himself.

FLASHBACK: the Times Square Bomber was speculated to be upset about [Health Care Reform]. In fact, he was jihadi scum.

FLASHBACK: the guy who flew his plane into the IRS in TX was supposedly a Tea Partier. In fact, he quoted from the Communist Manifesto.

FLASHBACK: the guy who was stabbing NYC cabbies was supposedly an anti-Ground Zero Mosque Tea Partier. In fact, he supported the GZM.

FLASHBACK: the Pentagon shooter was supposedly a Tea Party extremist. In fact, he was a 9/11 Truther.

FLASHBACK: when the Ft. Hood shooting happened, the Left speculated that it was a “RWNJ.” In fact, it was a Muslim nutjob.

FLASHBACK: When the Tucson shooting occurred, it was immediately blamed on Tea Party rhetoric. In fact, Loughner was a-political & insane.

And there are a few more at The American Thinker, just to refresh your memory.

I wonder what would happen if the Left had to live under the same evidence-free accusations they apply to their enemies.

It probably wouldn’t be pretty.  There would be epic foot-stamping temper tantrums on the American Left.  Well, more of them anyway.

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Mike Bloomberg’s Very Busy Week

Posted by KingShamus on February 3, 2012

Say, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been sorta quiet lately.  It seems like everybody’s favorite snow-removal expert and amateur dietitian is holding back.  Wouldn’t it be rad if homeboy could pull off some kind of moralistic left-wing show-boating maneuver to let us know he still hates over half of America?       

Mayor Bloomberg plans to give Planned Parenthood $250,000 to make up for money it lost when a breast cancer group cut its funding.

“Politics have no place in health care,” Bloomberg said in a statement on Thursday. “Breast cancer screening saves lives and hundreds of thousands of women rely on Planned Parenthood for access to care. We should be helping women access that care, not placing barriers in their way.”

The controversy erupted this week after the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation said it would not renew most of the grants it made to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings — about $700,000 annually.

…Cecile Richards, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, issued a statement saying that it was “enormously grateful to Mayor Bloomberg.”

“This contribution will help ensure that politics don’t interfere with women having access to health care,” the statement said. “People all across the country have stepped forward in the last 48 hours to offer help and support, and the mayor’s donation will help ensure that no woman is denied breast cancer services because of right-wing political pressure campaigns.”

Bloomberg will donate a dollar for every new dollar that Planned Parenthood brings in, up to $250,000.

Bloomberg has a point.  I mean, Planned Parenthood should get funding for breast cancer screenings.  All those mammograms cost money, right?

During a conference call with reporters this afternoon, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure CEO Nancy Brinker and President Elizabeth Thompson revealed the main reason why the Planned Parenthood abortion business lost its funding. It doesn’t do mammograms.

“It was nothing they were doing wrong,” Brinker explained. “We have decided not to fund, wherever possible, pass-through grants. We were giving them money, they were sending women out for mammograms. What we would like to have are clinics where we can directly fund mammograms.”

She added, later in the day on Twitter:, saying the money “will be invested in programs to serve low-income, uninsured and underinsured women.”

“Our Board approved new grants standards to improve direct services to women,” she said. “New grants standards strive for grants that provide direct services and outcomes. We have to put metrics, outcomes and measures to our grants so we can translate the science we’ve funded over 30 yrs. We will continue to provide services to vulnerable populations with care, treatment and screening.”

“We’ve decided not to fund pass-through grants. What we would like is to have clinics where we can directly fund mammograms,” she added

See, you stupid reich-wing bitter-clingers.  Nurse Bloomberg is right.  Planned Parenthood desperately needs those hundreds of thousands of dollars so that it can perform abortions breast cancer screenings that aren’t mammograms. 

Making a big fat donation to Planned Parenthood is a good start, but the mayor can do better than that.  This is a man of vision, after all.  We need something bigger, more costly and much more obnoxious than just tossing the fetus-haters some cheddar

No peace for weary Conservatives. Not even the Super Bowl apparently is exempt. Yes, the 2nd Amendment is a hoot, Mr. Bloomberg. Guns are so annoying.

In an unprecedented move, the mayor and his national coalition against illegal guns (which are most guns in NYC) plan to air a 30-second ad during the big game, which draws some of the highest TV ratings of the year and traditionally serves as a platform for memorable and very expensive commercials…

They provided a single picture from the shoot, which showed Bloomberg wearing a replica Giants tee shirt over his dress shirt with French cuffs, seated next to Menino in Patriots garb. Both were seated on a couch in front of a table with hats of their respective teams.

“It was very funny,” the mayor said of the ad, without providing further details. “You should take a look at it.”

“A New York-Boston Super Bowl is a perfect opportunity for the mayors to talk about fixing the nation’s backround check system that allow criminals and dangerous people to buy guns illegally,” said Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna.

Yeah, that’s more like it.

Forget the fact that most sports fans don’t want to think about politics during the biggest football game of the year.  Bloomberg is sure that the average American gridiron enthusiast wants and needs a thinly veiled propaganda clip featuring a lispy sawed-off billionaire media mogul lecturing the country about guns.  People eat that shit up; that’s why Current TV is kicking so much ass in the ratings.

So yeah, it’s been a great week for Mike Bloomberg.  The only way it could get better is if he could make all health care plans pay for contraception.  Oh wait, somebody already did that

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Why Do We Have A Constitution?

Posted by KingShamus on July 31, 2011

Sometimes it’s necessary to get back to first principles.  Courtesy of the great Mind-Numbed Robot.

Our Constitution was not instituted to save us from ourselves. Our Constitution was written, mainly, to protect us from our government. It’s time we remembered that and elect people who understand it as well. The alternative is not one worth savoring.

Read the rest.  It’s got some great stuff on Steve Winn’s Obama turn-around.

Why is the Constitution’s true purpose so vitally important?  Two things.


Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) announced Tuesday that he will resign from Congress, four days after a report that a young woman called his office complaining of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the congressman.

“I cannot care for my family the way I wish while serving in Congress and fighting these very serious allegations,” Wu said in a statement. “The well-being of my children must come before anything else.

This is the right decision for my family, the institution of the House, and my colleagues.”

The congressman, who said he will formally resign at the conclusion of the debt-limit debate, had said Monday that he would not seek reelection next year. But congressional leaders had called for an ethics investigation, and both of his home state’s Democratic senators on Tuesday morning called for his resignation.

Watch out, private sector.  The former congressman is…frisky.


Mayor Bloomberg, the mayor who declared war on tobacco, sugary drinks and trans fats, has identified a new public enemy — now he wants to protect New Yorkers from salt.

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley launches a campaign today to cut New Yorkers’ sodium intake by one-fifth over five years.

“If we achieve our goal, we would talk about saving tens of thousands of lives,” Farley said, predicting that deaths from strokes and heart attacks will dramatically fall.

The City Health Department is spearheading the National Salt Reduction Initiative, which will cajole food manufacturers to voluntarily cut sodium content 20 to 25 percent by 2014.

You can argue with the nebbish nanny state instincts of Nurse Mike, but at least he has science on his side, right?

A dash of doubt was added Wednesday to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s assault on salt.

He’s made it one of the calling cards of his administration. But now a new study is taking the idea of cutting sodium with a grain of salt, reports CBS 2′s Scott Rapoport.

He’s been the anti-salt mayor, preaching the hazards of too much salt in food. He’s tried to get restaurants and food manufacturers to use less of it. It has all culminated with the city plastering ads warning of heart attacks related to too much salt.

“Would you like to live longer? My suggestion is don’t overdo the salt,” Bloomberg once said.

But a new analysis in the American Journal of Hypertension is now casting skepticism.

“It’s hard to know who to believe when they come out with these tests,” one New Yorker told Rapoport.

The report found little significant evidence that eating more salt would shorten one’s life, and that people on salt-controlled diets didn’t live longer than people on normal healthy diets, leaving some to say the city may have gone overboard in the war on salt.

“To do it across the board with everybody … it’s a bit too much,” said Dr. Franz Messerli, the director of the hypertension program at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Mike Bloomberg, pictured here doing something completely healthy unlike the sinful denizens of his mayoral fiefdom, is not just a pushy chestless runt of man.  He’s not just the latest in a long line of secular puritans that are at odds with America’s founding leave-me-alone spirit.  He’s also just as closed-minded as any stereotypical Bible-thumping creationist strawman found in a Richard Dawkins atheist pud-wack essay.  He’s got it in his head that sodium is a killer–and that his laws are the best way to get people to follow his idea of a ‘proper’ diet–so it’s only natural that he’d pump the food police legislation despite the facts being against him.  The only difference between Bloomberg’s lifestyle diktats and any religious teaching is…well, nothing…if you really think about it.

Which brings us back to the US Constitution.  Properly understood, the founding governmental charter of America is not a living breathing document that can be changed at the whim of politicians.  It is a piece of writing meant to keep the government from changing America into a dictatorship.  Humans:  so willing to engage is unethical behavior, so quick to follow intellectual fads rather than real knowledge; David Wu and Mike Bloomberg are exactly the type of rotten characters the Constitution is meant to limit.

Let’s face facts.  We are governed by weirdos and fascists.  Wu and Bloomberg are just two of the more egregious examples.  Why should we give vile people like this any more authority or power over our lives than the Constitution already does?  Why should we let them twist the Constitution into knots just to satisfy their own egos? 

The members of our government can barely manage their own lives.  They’re not right on even a quarter of what they think they know.  So of course that means they get to criminally mismanage our money and tell us what to do because they know better than we do.


Let’s get back to Constitutional limits.  Let”s roll back the powertrip our creepy asshole leaders have been running on for almost a century.  It’s the only way we can keep the likes of David Wu and Mike Bloomberg (and Barack Obama and John McCain for that matter) in their proper place.

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When Centrists Choreograph

Posted by KingShamus on December 14, 2010

Ya’all wanted to watch the No Labels crowd bust a move, right?

Ask and ye shall receive!

The song is by R&B sensation Akon.  Question:  How many boatloads of cash did Mike Bloomberg have to throw at Akon for him to record this epic pile of fail. 

“No Labels” is now officially the anthem of losers, rubes and needle-dick political hacks. 

Just a reminder, in case people were thinking this is just a prank:   These folks desperately want you to take them seriously.  Joe Scarborough, Mika Brrrrrzrzrzrzrzrzzzzzzinski, Bob Inglis, Charlie Crist, Mike Bloomberg and the rest of the Swaying Suckers think this douchebaggery will get people on board the No Labels Express.  What’s the best way to do that?  Trot out the “Clap Your Hands, Say Moderation!” kids for a closing act to your big political rally. 

The mind reels. 

Really now, this is ten times worse than Karl Rove’s b-boy drag act.  At least Turdblossom knew he was a joke.  No Labels is dead-ass serious about this shit.

Exit statement-Nurse Bloomberg’s fabulous assclownage?  Confirmed, with extreme prejudice.

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The Absolutely Necessary Vitally Important Importance of The No Labels Movement

Posted by KingShamus on December 13, 2010

There are a few constants in American political life.

Bill Clinton can’t get enough of the fatties. The LaRouche Douche Crowd has a herpes-like grip on the partisan fringe. And liberals will try anything to camouflage themselves.

The left’s latest ruse is the No Labels organization, a front group for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s quest for absolutely perfect self-satisfaction. No Labels tells us that, “…we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America.”


This highlights one of the great things about political parties and political labels. If I tell you I’m a conservative Republican, you’ll have no idea what my views are on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or beef jerky, but you’ll have a good idea of what I think about taxes and foreign policy. No, partisan labels aren’t perfect; both parties have ample disagreements within their ranks on pretty much every issue. But they’re better than nothing. They’re clarifying, not confusing. In other words, labels aren’t “meaningless” as so many self-described independents claim, but meaningful. If anything, what’s meaningless is the claim that you don’t believe in labels when obviously anybody who speaks intelligently about anything must use them.
What no-labelers really mean is that they don’t like inconvenient disagreements that hinder their agenda. And that’s what is so troubling, indeed so undemocratic, about this claptrap. When they claim we need to put aside labels to do what’s right, what they are really saying is you need to put aside what you believe in and do what they say. When activists say we need to move past the partisan divide, what they mean is: Shut up and get with my program. Have you ever heard anyone say, “We need to get past all of this partisan squabbling and name-calling. That’s why I’m going to abandon all my objections and agree with you”? I haven’t.

Read the whole thing, because there’s a whole lot more win in the column.

Here’s a problem with the No Labels movement. It goes against what we know about people. Humans have an inborn drive to classify things. Even when we didn’t have genetics as a tool, people created classification systems for animals and plants. They might not have been entirely accurate, but the old mechanics of flora and fauna categorization were noble efforts that also helped to expand our understand of living things. Aristotle’s views about living things may have been flawed, but his ideas were vital in developing the modern Linneaus-based classification model we use today.

Classes, categories, labels: Whatever you want to call them, they are absolutely vital for communication. But NL would have you believe they are impediments to getting stuff done. The assumption is that partisan disagreements aren’t based on honest differences of opinion, but that arise because one side has a ‘D’ behind their name, while the other side reprazents the big ‘R’ clique.

This is genetically-enhanced nonsense overdosing on horse steroids. Ronald Reagan and the 80’s-era Left were going to disagree on nuclear disarmament no matter what their political affiliations were. George Bush and the Congressional Democrats were going to duke it out over tax cuts regardless of the party monikers they affixed to themselves.

Unless contrary evidence arises, one should probably assume that one’s ideological opponent’s motivations are heart-felt. In other words, we should go into the argument thinking that the other side believes tax cuts for the rich are bad because they really do believe that tax cuts for the rich are bad. What the No Labels organization assumes is that both sides are acting in bad faith.

That might be true of many in the Democrat and Republican camps, but it can’t be true of everybody. No Labels thinks everybody is awful..except for them…which is pretty much the definition of bad faith.

Update:  Matt from the great Conservative Hideout notes:  “…they are starting from the top down, and without a mandate from anywhere else. The people involved, are leftists or RINOS. It’ll fail, just like the Coffee Parties and the One Nation Marxists. Once the money runs out, it’ll fade away.”

Truth.  But like every other dipshit richtard with too much self-regard and not enough common sense, Mike Bloomberg thinks he can spend his way into a grassroots movement.  “If I just dump another $5 million into this fake-o-la organization, I can convince enough rubes that there is a groundswell for me, me, me, glorious me.”

Update II:  Meanwhile, Fleeceme of the rad self-titled blog makes this reference:  “In fact, I hope Bloomberg hates labels so much he cuts the one off his mattress, then he and Micky can be all lovey-dovey in the pokey.” 

I admit it.  This one has me stumped.  I feel like I should know it, but I just can’t quite pick it out.  Somebody help me out.  Whoever gets it first wins a free year subscription to Blog De KingShamus and Fleeceme.

What a deal!

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Christian Terrorism?

Posted by KingShamus on August 19, 2010

(Yes, I used this picture before.  Sorry, it’s just too perfect)

I want to come back to something the preeminent cock-knocker of our time, Mike Bloomberg, belched out the other day:

“Every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in, [do you want someone to] run over and say, ‘OK, now where do you come from, who are your parents, where’d you get this money?’ . . . A handful of people ought to be ashamed of themselves.”  

Not only is this a classless little smear on the part of Nurse Bloomie, it’s got a whiff of our old friend, Moral Equivalence.  Because nothing gives a liberal a rock hard boner more than negatively comparing Christianity to Islam.

But hey, why not indulge Mayor Mike’s magnificent retardation for a moment?

What would it take to make Christianity the moral equivalent to Islam?

There would have to be groups of Christians that call for violent acts in the name of Jesus.  It could not just be the rare lone gunman-type with a Bible stuffed into his drawers and a raging desire to kill people for Christ wilding out.  You’d need to have densely populated structures incorporated for the purpose of fomenting Jesus-inspired terror.  These organizations would be populated by leaders that call for Christians to use terror to spread Christianity.  The power of Christ would compel the members of these religious groups to do violence to other humans.

Ideally, the Christian terrorists in our scenario should be internationalist in scope.  These Super Splodey Jesus Freaks should have sleeper cells and quasi-independent franchises in places like Jakarta, Mumbai, Fallujah, Jerusalem, Aden, London, Paris, Philadelphia and Toronto.  All of them should be vocal about the supremacy of the Christian faith and how Jesus commands them to acts of violence.  Along with the multinational flavor of these groups, there should be members of Christian governments that covertly sponsor our hypothetical Christian terrorists.

There would also have to be a long history of Christian terrorism in the 20th and 21st centuries.  We’re talking about elements of the Kooky Christian Thrill Kill Cult carrying out acts of terror over the course of many decades.   As before, these atrocities should be happening all over the world.

Finally, there would have to poll after poll showing rank and file Christian opinion was ambiguous-if not supportive-over the use of terrorism to spread the word of Christ.  Leaders of the Genocidal Jesus Peeps should be supported by disturbing pluralities of Christians. 

Do any of these hypotheticals exist in the real world?  Not even close.  Not even with a light-year.  But still the lefty thumbsuckers just have to make their moral equivalence arguments/slime jobs.

The truth of the matter is that our Muslim friends have a serious existential problem.  Their religion has been infected by vicious life-hating cancers.  The faith desperately needs to kill these tumors before it’s too late.  Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists cannot do this for them.  We can support reformers and decry the back-asswards types within Islam, but in the end it’s up to them to figure out how to exist peacefully within a multi-religious world.

There are Muslims of good faith who want to see real positive change.

In fact here’s one now, talking about the Ground Zero Mosque: 

This is not a humble Islamic statement. A mosque such as this is actually a political structure that casts a shadow over a cemetery, over hallowed ground. 9/11 was the beginning of a kinetic war, it is not an opportunity for cultural exchange. It was the beginning of a conflict with those who want to destroy our way of life,” Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told The Daily Caller.

  “I am in no way looking to infringe on First Amendment issues. I approach this as a Muslim that is dedicated to reform,” he said.

Jasser sees the danger inherent in the Ground Zero Mosque.  He also realizes the need for a peace-loving tolerant renaissance within Islam.  Because he’s accepted some hard truths about his faith, he doesn’t engage in bullshit moral equivalence.  

We have more than enough head-in-the-sand unrealists like Mike Bloomberg.

The Muslim religion…and the rest of us…desperately need more clear-eyed people like Zuhdi Jasser.

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Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Dickbaggery-Example 8,462,029

Posted by KingShamus on August 9, 2010

You ever get the feeling that Mike Bloomberg is a nebbish little fuckstick?

Sounding more supportive of freedom of religion than freedom of speech, Bloomberg said, “I just don’t think the government should tell people where they can pray and where they can build houses of worship.

… Bloomberg also blasted demands for a probe of the mosque builders’ finances.

“Every time they pass the basket in your church and you throw a buck in, [do you want someone to] run over and say, ‘OK, now where do you come from, who are your parents, where’d you get this money?’ . . . A handful of people ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

What Nurse Bloomer can’t seem to grasp is that there are no churches taking up collections for Hamas, Hezballah, al-Qaeda or any Christian equivalent of those terrorist organizations.

Can the same thing be said for Muslim houses of worship? Ummmmmm, no.

Muslim terrorist groups and their apologists must beat themselves off in jihadist fervor whenever a useful idiot like Mike Bloomberg opens his fool mouth. This mosque is going to be a monument to al-Qaeda’s victory on 9/11. It’s plain as day.Instead of fighting it, the mayor of the New York City is aiding and abetting our debasement.

Explain to me again why Mike Bloomberg needed another term in office?

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Reason Magazine’s Nanny of the Year

Posted by KingShamus on December 28, 2009

Hahaa.  Or it would be funny if it wasn’t so damn pathetic.

By the way, Nurse Mike is a gun-grabber too.

Fuck this mincing sawed-off prick with a rusty chainsaw.

By the way, I caught this link via  Grazie.

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