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New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (DEMOCRAT) Being Investigated By The FBI

Posted by KingShamus on January 31, 2013

Veteran Fighter In The War On Women

For what, you ask?

Oh, it’s a big one.

The feds are investigating accusations that New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez had sex with underage hookers on trips to the Dominican Republic, The Post has learned.

“Clearly, they [FBI agents] were pursuing it,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who reported Menendez to the feds last year.

Menendez and his Dominican junkets have come under intense scrutiny in the past 24 hours after the feds raided the Florida office of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Menendez friend.

Tipsters told Sloan’s group that Melgen repeatedly flew Menendez on a private jet to the Dominican Republic, where the doctor allegedly supplied prostitutes to the senator.

Melgen did not respond to requests for comment.

Menendez’s office said, “Any allegations of engaging with prostitutes are manufactured . . . and are false.”

I quoted the entire article, from the supposedly Republican-leaning New York Post, for a reason.  Do you see what you’re not noticing?  If you didn’t already know Bob Menendez was a member of the Democrat Party, you certainly weren’t going to get that piece of information from Post writer Josh Margolin.

I wonder why the NYPost would neglect to mention that Mr. Menendez is a Democrat.  Party affiliation is a fairly easy way for people to identify political figures.  For the news consumer, understanding where an elected representative sits on the partisan spectrum is a great help when trying to get a grasp on current events.  Yet we never get to know Bob Menendez very well from this article, especially as it relates to his profession.  He must be from the very popular Generic Party.  Tra-la-la, ho-hum, move it along folks.

Isn’t it also strange how this investigation didn’t come out until after Boisterous Bobby was safely re-elected?  I know Joseph Kyrillos, Menendez’s GOP opponent last November, tried to make some hay out this but that tactic was largely seen as a dying campaign’s last gasp.  Most the of the media blew it all off: “These are baseless allegations against this divorced senator from an unknown region of the United States.  Also hookers are notorious liars. Besides prostitution is legal in the DR, so yeah.”

We can all see how Garden State voters were rightfully protected from this unseemly intrusive information.  Nobody thinks it’s important that their Senator is being investigated by the FBI for improperly using a campaign contributor’s private jet to hook up with underage hookers at the same campaign contributor’s private club located in a foreign country with notably lax prostitution statutes.  Citizens would not be at all interested in learning about a situation like this, especially during an election where the Democrat Party was shamelessly moralizing  dutifully explaining to America all the many ways that Republicans want to exploit women.

Media observers, including some conservatives, think that press bias is just a matter of how a news organization presents stories.  Giving a story a left wing spin is a time-honored tactic for the Democrat Party shill working at an MSM outlet.  The media still does this all the time.  But it’s more than just putting a progressive-friendly sheen on stuff.  It’s about guarding  the good guys–ie Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Bob Menendez–and punishing the evil retrograde Republicans and conservatives.

Here is more:  RS McCain makes this pungent observation.

…you want to tell me that’s not newsworthy? Turn in your press credentials, clean out your desk and find another line of work, because you clearly have no aptitude for the news business.

See, that’s just it.  The media loves a good political sex scandal, when it’s a Republican at the center of it.  When a GOPer does something awful, the press loves to spin it into their favorite narrative–“This latest sex scandal indicts the entire hypocritical Republican party.”

When it’s a Democrat that’s accused of using people like a box of kleenex, suddenly it’s not newsworthy.

Protecting the progressive brand is more important than, you know, actually reporting the news.

Back to the story:  It just keeps getting uglier.

The main source in the Bob Menendez underage hooker scandal sent the FBI the names offour hookers who confirmed they had attended sex parties with Salmon Melgen and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the Dominican Republic. On Tuesday, FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach business of Dr. Melgen who is suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

I’ll say this.  We live in a country where a person is innocent until proven guilty.  None of this has been found to be true yet.  Menendez might not have done any of it.

At the same time, I don’t see the FBI investigating something like this if there isn’t something to it.  I mean, do they like wasting time and resources on complete dead-ends?  I don’t think that happens too often, especially since the target of the investigation is such a high-profile public figure.

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The Garden State Woes Just Keep On Coming

Posted by KingShamus on December 20, 2010

How woeful?  This much.

For years, New Jersey residents have been packing up and moving to warmer southern states. One of the state’s congressional seats may soon follow.

The U.S. Census Bureau will release state population figures Tuesday that experts predict could cost New Jersey one of its 13 seats in the House of Representatives, which could trigger one of the most contentious congressional redistricting battles in state history.

“If you judge by the overall level of political polarization and interparty hostility, you would certainly predict that,” said Rutgers University political science professor Ross K. Baker, who studies Congress.

While New Jersey’s population is expected to grow in the 2010 Census figures, population booms in southern and western states are expected to outpace that of the Garden State.

The House of Representatives’ membership is set at 435, so even though New Jersey is expected to grow in population, it could still lose a seat to a state that is growing faster.

Having one less seat means one less vote in the House, one less electoral vote in presidential elections, and one less person on committees that help shape legislation. If a member with a lot of political clout loses his seat, it could mean less influence for New Jersey, and the possibility that the state would receive less federal funding.

Jeeeebus, Derrrty Jersey sucks out loud sometimes.

I dunno.  It’s frustrating.

New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation.  According to at least one estimate, it has the worst climate for business in the US.  Shock of shocks, the Garden State is seeing sluggish growth because oodles of residents are leaving the state.

I know Christie is what the state needs.  I think he’s slowly but surely getting the place back on the right path.  But boy oh boy…if this losing a Congressional seat isn’t a sign that New Jersey has royally fucked the couch, nothing will wake us up.

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South Park Takes On New Jersey

Posted by KingShamus on October 19, 2010

As a resident of the Garbage State–oops, that should be “GAAAHHHBIJJJ” State–all I have to say is:  I’m sorry. 

I’m so terribly sorry that Snooki exists.

The only thing I can tell you is that you should watch this episode of South Park  ASAFP.  It’ll make you feel better.

It’s a Jersey thing.

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New Jersey Tea Parties

Posted by KingShamus on April 15, 2010

I’ll be at one of them for sure.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the dude in a t-shirt.

More importantly, I’ll try to upload some pics and/or video tonight.

Peace out.

Updates:  I ended up at the Morristown Tea Party.  A good time was had by all.  Here’s a smattering of pics.

Jason Mattera.

Mychal Massie

Robert Bonelli

I’ll have more to say about this later.  Talk to you soon.

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Ain’t no half-steppin for Chris Christie

Posted by KingShamus on April 14, 2010

Lefty Sacred Cow-put to the sword.

Gov. Chris Christie is taking $65 million, the entire allocation, from the state’s global warming fund, and $5.9 million, from the toxic waste site cleanup program, to help close the over $10 billion deficit in his $29.3 billion 2010-11 state budget, the state environmental protection commissioner said Monday.

The sound you just heard was every enviro-dweeb in the Garden State choking on a granola bar.

More importantly, this is exactly the sort of pointless spending that every politician says he’s going to cut during his campaign. Anthropogenic global warming has been proven to be a fraud. Everybody knows the jig is up. That would naturally mean that a fund devoted to stopping global warming-again, a faked up pile of nonsense-should be done away with post haste.

Under normal circumstances, once a politician gets in, feel-good do-nothing budget items somehow remain in place. In fact, pointless yet symbolic spending is often increased in order to burnish a politician’s credentials with some constituency that needs a taxpayer sponsored hug. In the case of the Global Warming dollars, Christie seems to be saying that he doesn’t go for the expensive and wasteful bullcrap that other office-holders seem hopelessly addicted to.

The key thing here is for Governor Christie to remain vigilant. He’s going to pummelled for this by every Sierra Club Seminarian from Cape May to Hardwick Township. There will be dire predictions of environmental catastrophe if the 65 million dollars aren’t reallocated. That’s all to be expected. New Jersey is a blue state and many folks are simply too wedded to their tree-humping do-gooder narratives to understand why the governor is cutting the global warming fundage.

What Mr. Christie must not do is let the attacks stand. Instead, his office should answer the charges in a reasoned but vehement fashion, then counter them with concrete examples of why the $65 million has to be cut. If the governor gives the environmentalists any rhetorical quarter, they will bury Christie’s agenda in an avalanche of pseudo-science talking points.

To me, it’s still too early to get totally rah-rah about Chris Christie. The governor has a long way to go on this issue, and on the larger issue of the state’s monumental fiscal woes. However, if Christie is willing to piss off the eco-loons and actually cut spending in this area, I’d have to consider it a very good start.

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Chris Christie gets a veiled joke about the NJEA wanting him dead

Posted by KingShamus on April 13, 2010

…and he has the unmitigated gall to ask the guy who did it to step down.  The nerve of that pushy Christie! [sarc/]

The president of a state teachers union left a meeting Monday with Gov. Chris Christie after refusing to fire a local president who wrote a memo that joked about the governor’s death, further escalating a rift that began before Christie’s election. Christie spokesman Mike Drewniak said the governor wants Bergen County teachers union head Joe Coppola fired for his “irresponsible” memo. The memo from the Bergen County Education Association to its locals included a closing prayer that read:

 “Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”

 Coppola and New Jersey Education Association President Barbara Keshishian have apologized for the memo. Coppola has said the “prayer” was a joke and was never meant to be made public.

Yeah, lots of stuff isn’t meant to be public, like jokey prayers for the New Jersey Governor’s death.

I’ve gotta be fair here.  It’s a joke that probably sounded funnier when spoken aloud in a group of like-minded people than it seemed read across a computer screen.  Lots of nuance and body language are lost when you try to take a joke from the real world and put into written form.  Does it excuse Coppola?  Not at all, but it does sorta explain why he might’ve thought this was no big deal when he sent out the memo.

Having said that, Dan Riehl is right-as usual-about the governor taking a hard line here.  How come liberals get to be the Unapologetically Take a Gag Too Far Party?  Where is the rule that says a GOPer has to take bullshit like this, but if a Democrat gets their nose out of shape they get to whine and cry about it?

The question I have is:  Does this incident make it easier or harder for Christie to deal with the teacher’s unions?

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Finally: New Jersey is confronting fiscal reality…maybe?

Posted by KingShamus on February 15, 2010

The best part?  No new state taxes or state tax increases in Christie’s plans.  Whoa, will wonders never cease? 

TRENTON, New Jersey (Reuters) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday declared a “fiscal emergency,” allowing him to reserve or freeze state spending as part of his plan to tackle one of the largest 2011 deficits among U.S. states.

“These are among the hardest decisions any governor could be called upon to make,” said the Republican, according to a copy of his speech to legislators in a special session.

The deficit in the current budget, which ends on June 30, is $2.2 billion, while the gap in the following budget has spiked to $11 billion from a forecast of $8 billion in November, Christie said in his first major policy address to state lawmakers.

Next year’s deficit is the largest per-capita budget shortfall of any U.S. state, said Christie who is scheduled to deliver his budget for the coming fiscal year on March 16.

Christie cut $2.203 billion from the current budget in a series of measures that include reducing aid to school districts and using unspent funds from some agencies.

In all, 375 budget lines are subject to cuts, efficiencies, and program eliminations. Cuts include $475 million in aid to school districts; $62 million in cuts to colleges, and $12 million in aid to hospitals. The cut in school-district funding will force them to use budget surpluses for the remainder of the fiscal year, Christie said.

Also helping to close the budget gap is the capture of $158 million in unspent funds from a state-run clean energy program; $13.8 million in homestead rebates, and $15.9 million in unused grant money from the division of youth and family services.

Shock of shocks, Christie is finding a way to close budget gaps without breaking the taxpayers’ backs.  What a novel concept.

Something so gob-smackingly obvious can’t have detractors, can it?

Democratic leaders blasted Christie’s plan to balance the current budget as dictatorial and unnecessary. Louis Greenwald, Democratic chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee, called the action to reduce school aid a “reckless” move that would force school districts to raise property taxes.

“This has taken money out of the school district’s pocket and put money in his pocket,” Greenwald said. He accused Christie of acting without consulting the legislature, and promised to hold public hearings on the budget plan next week.

Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono accused Christie of “overreacting to the fiscal circumstances as a pretext for circumventing legislative involvement.”

Buono cited the last paragraph of the executive order used by Christie to make the cuts, which says it remains in effect “until, rescinded, modified, or supplemented by me.”

So we’re back to equating lawful uses of executive authority with Republican fascism. 

In any case, what Chris Christie is doing…tightening the government belt, forcing ravenous state officials to make hard decisions, making municipal governments set priorities rather than just piss money away knowing Trenton will cover the monetary short-fall…will be played out in many ways and in many states across the country.  California and New York are just two states where the bills for insane spending and soft-headed/soft-hearted liberalism are fast coming due.  If Governor Christie’s plan even sorta works out, it may become a model for how other gubernatorial candidates can convince voters that the sky isn’t going to come crashing down on them just because a fiscal conservative wants to reign in public spending.

If Chris Christie can make this work and he can keep the public on board, this will reverberate around the country and not just in the statehouses.  The best part about Barack Obama is that he’s put his psychotic spending urges on full display for all to see.  Unlike in 2008 when Team Obama had a willing press hide his Alinskyite radicalism, this past year St. Barry has shown himself to be the Marxoid dickbag many people suspected he was in the first place.  This transparent guileless leftism (as opposed to the type of transparency Obambi promised back in ’08) out of the White House has had the salubrious effect of scaring the shit out of many voters about the dangers of pork-laden redistributive socialist federal spending. 

Smart Republican candidates in 2010 and 2012 will  tap into the very real fear amongst the citizenry of the American government going bankrupt and collapsing under the weight of unrealistic entitlement programs, corruption and monumental waste.  Even smarter Republican candidates will find ways of  keeping their constituencies alert to the fiscal dangers in the near future, even as leftist fear-mongering and propaganda threaten to derail sane budgetary measures. 

I know people are stoked about Senator Scott Brown (R-Taxachussets).  It’s not every day a leftist legislative agenda gets kicked in the nads with the election of one guy.  Scott Brown’s win over Martha Coakley has dealt a real hard blow to Obama-Care and that’s very important to the fiscal and moral health of country.  But in many ways, Governor Chris Christie could set the stage for a revival of real small-government conservatism.  Again, if he is able to fight through the Democrat scare tactics and keep the Garden State voters onboard with his plans, he could create a paradigm for how fiscal conservatives in the future can keep budgets down, taxes low and governments solvent in the years ahead. 

That would be a nice change.

Thanks to Scott over at Cedar River Salmon for pointing out this link.  Gracias, homie.

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If health care reform is the most important issue…

Posted by KingShamus on November 4, 2009

How come nobody told New Jersey voters?

In New Jersey, health care placed fourth among voter concerns. The economy and jobs was number one, named by 32 percent of voters, and property taxes was number two, with 26 percent. The candidates split the results. Democrat Jon Corzine won 58 percent to 36 percent among those who said the economy and jobs were their top concern, and Republican Chris Christie won 67 percent to 25 percent among those who were most concerned about property taxes. Government corruption was the voters’ third-most important concern, and Christie won among them, 68 percent to 25 percent.

Then there was health care, named as the top issue by just 17 percent of New Jersey’s voters. Among them, Democrat Corzine won big, with 78 percent to Christie’s 19 percent. The problem was, health care was simply not an urgent enough issue to be the winning factor.

The results in both states show that voters’ concerns are strikingly different from those of the president and top leaders in Congress.

Obama and the Democrats keep insisting that socialized health care must happen and that the American people want government run medicine.  Yet in New Jersey, we see that concern for health care ranked far behind other issues.  Hmmmmm.

It’s almost like D’Ohbama and the Donkey-Punchers are…out of touch or something. 


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Reactions to last night’s elections

Posted by KingShamus on November 4, 2009

A few observations.

Ed Morrissey:

Obama will still be president for another three years, but the mystique is gone.  New Jersey just taught Democrats in Congress a big lesson — Obama can’t get them re-elected.  Being the President’s “partner” on his radical agenda is not a winning position; it wasn’t for Corzine in what should have been a secure blue state, and it certainly won’t be in moderate or conservative districts and states held by Democrats in the House and Senate.

That is a huge blow to Obama and his agenda, as Democrats now have to consider unpopular bills for ObamaCare and cap-and-trade in an entirely new light.  If they fall in behind Obama instead of listening to their constituents, they will find themselves in retirement after the 2010 midterms.   That’s the big lesson, and it will not be lost on moderate Democrats.

Michael Barone:

From the 1996 election up through and including 2008., affluent counties in the East, Midwest and West have trended Democratic, largely through distaste for the religious and cultural conservatives whom voters there have seen (not without reason) as dominant in the Republican party. Now, with the specter of higher tax rates and a vastly expanded public sector, they may be—possibly—headed in the other direction. An interesting trend to watch…

The 2009 election results are certainly not going to make it easy for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to round up the needed 218 votes for Democrats’ health care bills.

Kyle Drennen of Newsbusters:

During the 10AM ET hour of America’s Newsroom on Fox News Channel, fill-in co-host Martha Maccallum told viewers what President Obama watched on election night while Democrats suffered big losses in New Jersey and Virginia: “Robert Gibbs said, well, he was actually watching, you know, the HBO special about his year-long campaign and how it all went.”

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann:

Until last night, Democratic moderates, the so-called blue dogs, could bask in the light of their candidate’s success in 2008. But now they must hear hoof beats behind them. The party discipline on which Obama depends to pass a health-care program that Americans reject by 42 percent for, 55 percent against (Rasmussen again) will only work if beleaguered Democratic incumbents can wrap themselves in Obama’s cloak and tough out the popular criticism. But the limits of Obama’s drawing power are readily apparent in the Republicans’ 20-point victory in Virginia and the race in New Jersey.

Michael Flynn of

There are two lessons from Tuesday’s voting. First, ObamaMania is over. The Republicans won a landside in Virginia — just months after Obama’s victory in the state. In New Jersey, the Republican won in an easy trot against an ocean of money, a potential spoiler third-party candidate, and personal appeals at the end of the campaign by President Obama. On January 20 of this year, no one would have predicted these results. I don’t know what panic smells like, but you can get a whiff of it Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

The second lesson comes from the special election in New York’s 23rd congressional district. The public is poised to hand back to the Republicans huge swaths of political power, but the Republicans can still talk them out of it. As of this writing, Democrat Bill Owens will go to Congress, crossing the finish line with the endorsement of the ersatz former Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava. The national GOP spent almost $1 million promoting a candidate who provided a last-minute endorsement of the Democratic candidate. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

Robert Creamer, Huffington Post liberal:

In Virginia and New Jersey, the Republicans turned out more strongly than expected and many, many Obama Democrats stayed home. There were some good Democratic and base mobilization get-out-the-vote programs in both states. Mechanics weren’t the main problem. The problem was inspiration.

Inspiration was Barack Obama’s not-so-secret weapon in 2008. Inspiration helped him persuade independent voters who wanted change, and mobilize base voters who wanted hope. Without an inspired base, Democrats cannot hold our own in 2010 — it’s that simple.

Success at making change will help renew the faith of Independents and also help energize the base. But to be inspired, the base of the Democratic Party must be convinced that the president and his party are the champions of core progressive principles as well. A hopeful populist frame is critical to motivate mobilizable voters.

Key symbols will be very important. That’s why it is so important for 2010, not only that a health insurance reform bill passes, but that it includes a public option. That’s why it is so important — to mobilize Latino voters — that Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform.


If there are any Democrat Party operatives or potential Donkey-Puncher congressional candidates reading this, can I ask you to do a real solid for little ole’ me?  Please, please do exactly what Robert Creamer says.  Go hard left.  Push that big juicy immigration amnesty bill you’ve always wanted-hard.  Keep pressing for clumsy bureaucratic socialized medicine-as much as you possibly can.

Because the elections last night were a reflection of the public’s rabid support for ObamaCare and immigration amnesty.  It wasn’t a repudiation of Obama’s Euro-left leanings or local frustration with douchey Democrats or retarded Republicans (I’m looking at you, NY-23 GOP leadership).  No, it was because the Democrats haven’t passed enough statist bills.  Of course.

Keep telling yourselves that, Democrats.

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Let’s all give a warm welcome to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey

Posted by KingShamus on November 3, 2009

Boo-ya.  Corzine has conceded.

I hope Chris Christie can turn New Jersey around.  Good luck, homie.  You’re gonna need it.

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Final thoughts on the New Jersey governor’s election

Posted by KingShamus on November 3, 2009

Election week in the Garbage State brings forth what many have suspected for a long time:  Chris Dagget is actually a Democrat Party plant.

The Democratic State Committee now admits paying for a robocall to Somerset County voters that slams Republican Chris Christie and promotes independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett.  A Democratic spokeswoman says the party’s chairman, Joe Cryan, was not aware of the robocalls when he denied that the state committee had anything to do with them yesterday afternoon.  Cryan, who told yesterday afternoon that the Democratic State Committee had “absolutely” nothing to do with the call, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Really, nobody should be  terribly shocked by this.  More to the point, by New Jersey standards this is weak sauce.  The past several decades have seen a full flowering of political corruption and shady tactics used by office-seeking hacks in the Garden State.  ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is a tried and true rule for New Jersey pols after all. 

Which brings us to the actual election.  As I’m writing this, it seems like Virginia is going to reject Creigh Deeds with extreme prejudice.  In the special election in NY’s 23rd district, Hoffman is finishing strong against the Democrat candidate Owens.  Only in New Jersey is there a hotly contested race.  This is not great.

By any measure, Corzine should be toast.  The state is in debt to the tune of 38 billion dollars with no hope of paying it off any time soon.  The state population has seen a net loss of 300,000 residents in the last six years.  It spends vast sums of money on public education, yet the urban school districts have not closed the so-called ‘achievement gap’ with their suburban and exurban counterparts.   It has the worst climate for business of any state in the union.  You want unfunded public pensions?  New Jersey’s got ’em by the truckload.  In addition New Jersey residents have the highest property taxes in America.  It is vehemently pro-abortion, anti-2nd amendment and it’s big cities are plagued by some of the most crushing poverty and bleakest crime anywhere in the country. On top of all that, NJ is home to the worst corruption in America.  The phrase ‘Garden State Politician’ is synonymous with bribery, bagmen, pay-to-play, mobbed-up union officials, backroom real estate deals and straight-up graft.

Jon Corzine has presided over all of these things.  In some cases, he has neglected to do anything to reverse the troubles. In many others, his actions have exacerbated them.  I don’t know how much Chris Christie can change anything on the list of horribles, worsts and crappiests that haunt New Jersey.  I’m pretty sure he can’t make them any worse.  I’m also fairly certain that giving Jon Corzine another four years will only push New Jersey faster along the downward spiral.

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Top Ten Reasons to vote for Chris Christie for New Jersey’s Governor

Posted by KingShamus on November 2, 2009

Oh and just for shits and giggles, here’s an eleventh reason to vote against Corzine.

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New Jersey’s Gubernatorial Contest is pretty important to Obama

Posted by KingShamus on October 29, 2009

There are many reasons why electing Chris Christie is important.  Besides the fact that Jon Corzine has driven the Garden State’s budget directly into the toilet, it seems like President Obama has invested a great deal of time, effort and brainpower into this race.  

The White House was so concerned about  “Corzine’s chances during the summer that Corzine’s aides feared the first-term governor was being pressured to step aside for a stronger candidate. Those fears turned out to be groundless, but were part of the reason Corzine hired Joel Benenson, who has helped impose discipline on a struggling campaign and crystallize Corzine’s aggressive attacks on the character of his Republican opponent, former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie…

Benenson, the chief pollster in Obama’s 2008 campaign, along with David Plouffe, his former campaign manager, and a handful of others, make up a political inner circle that still meets regularly with White House senior advisor David Axelrod. Just as Bill Clinton once dispatched his political team to take over troubled campaigns from New York to Israel, Benenson’s arrival in New Jersey has stirred perceptions of a White House takeover – something he flatly denied.

 “I’m known as a pretty strong New Jersey pollster and all [his hiring] says is that the campaign thought that I could add some value at a time when they felt they needed to make a move,” Berenson said…

A Democrat involved in the campaign’s internal discussion said that the central argument against Christie – that he has “one set of rules for himself, another for everybody else” – “came from Joel and the White House.”

 The theme emerged most clearly in an ad attacking the overweight Christie with the charge that he was “throwing his weight around.”

Benenson’s presence on the Corzine campaign is yet another sign that Team Zero needs a Democrat win badly. 

My question is:  How does the Obama White House spin a potential Christie win as something other than an epic fail?  Now that Creigh Deeds has spit the bit in Virginia, Obama has gone all in for Corzine.  If the effort to drag Jersey Jonnie across the finish line comes up short, the perception that Obama is a drag on the Donkey-Puncher Party will have solidified.  That puts Barry’s statist agenda (cap n’ trade, health care deform) in major jeopardy.  If Democrats lose in the 2009 elections, Democrats will be even less likely to walk to the plank and vote on the increasingly unpopular legislative dogturds being pushed by the President. 

In many ways, New Jersey voters have a rare opportunity to send a message to the rest of the nation by electing Christie for governor.  Besides having a chance to get out of the high tax/high regulation/high unemployment shit-hole they find themselves in, they can help put the brakes on Obama’s rush to Euro-douche socialism.

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