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If You Were Missing National Hockey League Action

Posted by KingShamus on November 26, 2012

Shop-Rite has a solution for all your NHL lock-out needs.

Here’s the problem the NHL has right now.

I’m a hockey fan.  I’ve been rooting for the Rangers since I was in middle school.  And I am slowly but surely getting used to not watching the NHL anymore.

I’ll be frank; I’ve got plenty of options besides ice hockey to fill my time.  The Giants are a first place team.  The Knicks are having a resurgent year.  The Yankees might sign Josh Hamilton.  My teams are bringing drama and excitement every day of the week.

Mind you, those are just the sports entertainments I’ve used to replace my hockey enthusiasm.  If we wanna get further afield than just professional athletics, there are many other things to watch, listen to, read, and play.  “The Walking Dead” is finally turning into the gripping drama critics thought it could be three years ago.  “Tale of The Tigers” is a great read from a terrific conservative blogger.  Black Ops II just might get me back to giving third eyes to hapless noobs; *CQBDevilGod999* could pwn again.

Like I said, I’m a long-time supporter of American hockey and I’m moving on in relatively painless fashion.  Think about the more casual fans out there.  The guys who don’t go see a ton of games live.  The people who don’t buy merchandise every five seconds.  Those soft hockey fans probably barely noticed that the NHL isn’t running games.  Worse, they might not come back once the league decides to end the lock-out.

I don’t know all the details of the work stoppage.  I don’t know everything that the players and owners are fighting over.  My gut tells me that the owners probably more at fault than the players, but I could be wrong.

But ultimately, all that is a moot point.  This is about the NHL bleeding fans who may never return once the lock-out is done.  Whatever short and medium term financial issues at stake have to pale in comparison to the long-term sustainability of the National Hockey League.  I mean, can the league continue to exist when the owners and players seem determined to alienate the people who support them?

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