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The Sexxxiest Pro-Abortion Ad You’ll See This Month (With Update)

Posted by KingShamus on January 23, 2013

I mean, who isn’t turned on by a dude grunting weird sexual innuendos about a Supreme Court case that allows people to terminate their pregnancies?

So it’s weird when Clint Eastwood talks to an empty chair, but it’s totally rad when a man breaks the fourth wall and moans at an empty cradle. Got it.

For those of you without a program to refer to, the actor playing the randiest abortion provider ever is Mechad Brooks.  He’s some really famous guy in that show that’s on one of those channels you watch when you’re fighting off a hangover and an eight hour Law & Order-Criminals With SUV And Trials marathons is running or whatever.  As you can imagine, filming a pro-abortion propaganda video is a big step up for Mr. Brooks’ career.  If this Roe v Wade anniversary tribute thingy takes off, he’ll get a fifteen second cameo in the next Lady Gaga video and a free season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm.

It’s also funny how they got a guy to celebrate legalized baby killing.  Consequence-free sex has been a leftist dream ever since Margaret Sanger was invited to her first KKK rally, but it’s men that have the most to gain from ready access to abortion.  They get all the fun and none of the messy medical complications or the increased risk of suicide  Just don’t accuse them of not caring for women’s health.

After the creepiness has worn off, the ad is refreshing in it’s morbid honesty.  Like the Lena Dunham/First Time campaign spot, the horny nihilists at the Center For Reproductive Rights are gleefully pandering to the lowest common denominator: “Let’s have sex then get rid of the inconvenient kid that results.”

We get no sob stories about women denied access to ‘vital’ ‘health care’.  The pro-abortionists don’t gin up some statistically negligible scenarios to tug at our heart strings.  Nope.  Instead we get the inhuman bump-and-grind brutality at the core of the state-sanctioned baby killer movement delivered to us straight.

The pro-lifers are disappointed that Roe v Wade is still operational.  It’s ugly that such an unconstitutional and immoral ruling still stands.  But there is one thing the anti-abortion activists can take solace in.  Never before has the febrile murderous heart of the abortion rights mob been so visible.  This means those who value human life will no longer have to fight against the shadowy obfuscations formerly used by the pro-‘choice’ movement.

UPDATE:  Matt over at Conservative Hideout did a post on this clip too.  Check it out.

The video is made by a joint called Draw the Line.  They apparently think that $9.00 a month birth control is a “luxury item” that only the wealthy can afford.

The weirdest thing about the last year’s War on Women dance craze was the idea that spending the same money as two McDonald’s meal deals was a serious financial burden.  But Obama won on that bullshit, so I guess it was all just the opening gambit.  Since our government is now breaking the Catholic Church over it’s knee and making them pay for everybody’s rubbers, it’s only a matter of time before the country gets inured to taxpayer-sponsored abortion.

That’s the hope of pro-abortion groups, anyway.

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Guardian Writer–“I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me”

Posted by KingShamus on August 16, 2012

The pro-choice movement:  They thirst for death.

An abortion would have absolutely been better for my mother. An abortion would have made it more likely that she would finish high school and get a college education. At college in the late 1960s, it seems likely she would have found feminism or psychology or something that would have helped her overcome her childhood trauma and pick better partners. She would have been better prepared when she had children. If nothing else, getting an abortion would have saved her from plunging into poverty. She likely would have stayed in the same socioeconomic strata as her parents and grandparents who were professors. I wish she had aborted me because I love her and want what is best for her.

Abortion would have been a better option for me. If you believe what reproductive scientists tell us, that I was nothing more than a conglomeration of cells, then there was nothing lost. I could have experienced no consciousness or pain. But even if you discount science and believe I had consciousness and could experience pain at six gestational weeks, I would chose the brief pain or fear of an abortion over the decades of suffering I endured.

An abortion would have been best for me because there is no way that my love-starved, trauma-addled mother could have ever put me up for adoption. It was either abortion or raising me herself, and she was in no position to raise a child. She had suffered a traumatic brain injury, witnessed and experienced severe domestic violence, and while she was in grade school she was raped by a stranger and her mother committed suicide. She was severely depressed and suicidal, had an extremely poor support system, was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy that resulted from coercive sex, and she was so young that her brain was still undeveloped.

Nihilism disguised as selflessness.

Beyond that, look at the amazing speculative leaps Lynn Beisner makes in order to prove her point.  If the mother had aborted Ms. Beisner, she asserts that her mom probably would’ve been better off.  In the next paragraph, she runs through the long laundry list of reasons why her mother was in really awful shape at the time she was pregnant with Ms. Beisner.

Well, since we’re playing “What if?” counter-factual history games, what makes Beisner think it all that likely that her young abused brain-damaged depressed rape victim mother would’ve finished high school in the first place?  A person with that many strikes against them–and a truly tragic personal history to boot–is far more likely to drop out of high school then to finish with a diploma, regardless of whether the person has an unplanned pregnancy or not.  That means no college.  It also means no ‘feminism or psychology or something’ to help her cope with her extremely difficult circumstances.

Now it’s true that Beisner’s mom had a horrible life before she had her child.  Let us suppose that her life was made more difficult by taking an unplanned pregnancy to term.  Concede for a moment the idea that caring for a child under less than ideal circumstances was a substantial burden on Mommy Beisner.

The fact remains that the writer Lynn Beisner lives and breathes because, even though her mother was ill-suited to the role of parent, she still decided to give her daughter a life.  Isn’t there even a speck of nobility to be found in that act?  Even if Beisner’s mother was a train-wreck, the fact remains that she cared enough to bring her child into the world.  While it might be a mundane occurrence, it’s still an amazingly selfless thing to do for another human being.

Sadly, Ms. Beisner isn’t done pwning herself.

The world would not be a darker or poorer place without me. Actually, in terms of contributions to the world, I am a net loss. Everything that I have done – including parenting, teaching, researching, and being a loving partner – could have been done as well, if not better by other people. Any positive contributions that I have made are completely offset by what it has cost society to help me overcome the disadvantages and injuries of my childhood to become a functional and contributing member of society.

Conservatives are often accused of reducing people down to dry statistics.  But what has the theology of abortion done here?  Beisner is asserting that her life is pretty much meaningless.  She is, in her own words, a net loss.  That’s about as reductive as it gets.

It is said that a liberal is a person who won’t take their own side in an argument.  Beisner’s thesis is the barren withered endpoint of the pro-abortion movement:  “We support infanticide because we are pointless.”

This is far beyond just giving women reproductive ‘choice’.  This Abortion Above All Else philosophy argues against humans and everything they do.  Work, being a good parent, romantic love; all these things are to be reduced down to a finite quantifiable value which can be used to determine whether a person made a positive contribution to the world.  Because Ms. Beisner clearly hates herself, she sees her own life as something unworthy of her mother’s initial sacrifice to give birth to her daughter.

Are the people within the pro-abortion movement prepared to look at their own lives with the same kind of self-loathing criticism?  Is the anti-life cause ready to apply Ms. Beisner’s criterion for judging a ‘good’ life to themselves and everyone else?  If Ms.Beisner’ essay is any indication, the answer is a very chilling yes

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Insight of The Day

Posted by KingShamus on April 13, 2012

Every week the Conservative Hideout, led by the tremendous Mr. Evil Matt, has a round-up of the rad posts he has found on teh intertubes.  Usually he comes up with a cool theme to go along with it.  Sometimes its tunes, sometimes its cars, sometimes its something else altogether.

This past week, Matt looked to his Facebook homies for inspiration.


Riddle me that, Nancy Keenan.

Also:  Keep checking out the Conservative Hideout, all day every day.

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Fiscal Conservatism can advance Social Conservatism

Posted by KingShamus on September 23, 2010

Pundit & Pundette give us a great example.

Gov. Awesomeness [Ed.-AKA Governor Chris Christie] vetoed a bill that would restore taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood outlets in New Jersey. The NJ Senate failed to override the veto, with Republican senators unwilling to go against the governor, and PP closings have begun.  Hallelujah:

Trenton, NJ ( — After the New Jersey state Senate defeated an attempt to override the decision of Gov. Chris Christie to cut off state taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood abortion businesses, the first facility run by the national abortion giant is closing.

The Cherry Hill Courier Post newspaper says a Planned Parenthood facility located on Haddonfield Road and operated by Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey will close down.

PP-SNJ stands to lose as much as $160,000 in taxpayer funds because of Christie’s decision and the upholding of his veto. With the closing of the Cherry Hill center, Planned Parenthood customers seeking abortions or other “services” must go to PP centers in Camden, Bellmawr, and Edgewater Park.

Christie has just given every other Republican a template for how to confront contentious social issues.  New Jersey simply doesn’t have the money to fund stuff like this.  Ergo, it will be cut from the budget.  QED.  

It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you have the political will and the ability to explain your decisions.

But for me there’s an even more rad part about this development.

Social-issue conservatives are constantly being bombarded with the idea that their ideology is incompatible with small-government free market conservatism. The funny thing is, in reality, the two have much in common. Governor Christie’s decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood is just the latest instance of reality going against perceptions.

By dealing with the budget in a sane way, Christie has looked at the things that should and should not be propped up with state money.  Only the most pro-abortion anti-life zealot would snarl about losing Garden State for Planned Parenthood.  Most people…even the majority of pro-choicers…would rather not have the state entwined in the abortion mills.  Let Planned Parenthood sink or swim in the baby-scraping business on their own, without a big government crutch provided at taxpayer expense. 

Are social conservatives always going to win on these sorts of fiscally conservative budget decisions?  Probably not.  But most of the time, a good small government politician will make policies that will be friendly to social-con agendas. 

Further, contrast Chris Christie’s real fiscal conservatism with a RINO.  Delaware’s newly deposed Mike Castle advertised himself as a guy who would at least guard the taxpayers from getting the shaft.  So what does he do?  Promptly bone the taxpayers by voting for Cap and Trade.  There is nothing fiscally conservative about Castle’s agenda.

Chris Christie might not be pushing social issues to the forefront of his to do list.  But he’s managed to do something that no NJ governor has been able to deal with in decades.  That can’t be worth nothing.

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Tim Tebow: The pro-life quarterback

Posted by KingShamus on January 26, 2010

Wow.  Homeboy is pro-life.

The doctor tending to the mother of the University of Florida’s Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow advised her to kill him. Medication used to treat dysentery caused placental abruption. The doctor thought the baby would be stillborn, anyway, but Tebow’s mother chose to give him a chance to live.

And he did.

America will see Tim Tebow (who wears “John 3:16” on his eyeblack) and his mother during the Super Bowl next month. They’ll deliver a pro-life message in a commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family. Naturally, pro-aborts are having a collective hissy fit:

Shut up and play ball!”

This country needs more young Christian men like Tebow, men who stand for what’s right and don’t cave to peer pressure. Young people struggling to live the Christian life (yes, Christians do struggle!) could use a few high-profile Christians bucking the system and risking ridicule.

I didn’t really know too much about Tim Tebow before this post.  College football isn’t really my thing.  All I heard is that he is an immensely gifted athletic talent who might not be able to play NFL quarterback, but could probably find his way into pro football because he’s a bad-ass physical specimen.  I didn’t realize just how committed he was to his Christian faith or the pro-life cause.

The fact that this guy can stand up and make a pro-life commercial to air during the Super Bowl takes guts.  So much of American culture…the Hollywood celebutards, the lefty sports journalists, the tenured campus radicals…is pro-abortion.  In the big time media world that Tebow occupies, being pro-life is just not cool.  I’m sure he knows this, and yet he still decided to declare his un-hip opinion to the world.

 He might never be an National Football League star.  There is a chance that his particular mix of skills will not translate over to the pro game.  If I was an NFL GM, I’d still take a chance and draft him.  Why?  Because if this dude can stare down opposing defenses and the vast strident pro-choice movement within our society, he’s got a spine of steel.  That’s a quality you can’t coach into a guy.  He just has to have it.  I’d want a guy like Tim Tebow running my offense and leading my team.

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