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Awesome News-Leader of The Free World Emo Over News Network’s Coverage

Posted by KingShamus on March 19, 2012

Just remember:  Everybody knows the GOP field of presidential candidates is a pack of weak sisters compared to that rara avis Barack “Scary Smart Exceptional Temperament” Obama.

President Barack Obama blamed Fox News for his political woes in a private meeting with labor leaders in 2010, saying he was “losing white males” who tune into the cable outlet and “hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7,” according to journalist David Corn’s new book, “Showdown.”

…Corn writes that after the midterm elections, Obama told labor leaders in December 2010 that he held Fox partly responsible for him “losing white males.”

“…Fed by Fox News, they hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7, and it begins to seep in…The Republicans have been at this for 40 years. They have new resources, but the strategy is old,” Corn recounted Obama as saying.

You remember how George W. Bush constantly whined how MSNBC hurt him among the douchedrinker neo-hippie voting bloc, right?

Then again, why is anybody surprised when the crybaby-in-chief loses his shit over conservative criticism of his record?  Other people write his books, yet he gets all the credit.  He skated through his 15 minute US Senate career by voting ‘present’ and showing up late to hearings.  The American media coverage of Obama’s presidency has run the gamut from fawning to tongue-bath.

Everywhere this spoiled brat of a man has gone in his political career St. Barry has been somebody’s pretty silky pony.  From the Chicago Left to national progressive organizations, Obama always had to be sheltered from the tough-minded critiques of his policies.  His achievement-free self-esteem couldn’t handle the shock of real sustained dissent.

Obama thinks that Fox News caused his party to lose the white male vote in 2010.  It couldn’t be that white males honestly disagree with the President’s administration.  Nope.  Of course its racism and Fox News that pushed the caucasian persuasion dude caucus to vote with the Republican Party.  That explains everything.  [sarc/]

I snagged this link from Iowahawk’s twitter feed.  Thank you, sir.

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