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Living And Breathing Left-Wing Politics

Posted by KingShamus on December 11, 2012

Bob Belvedere points out a strength–or is it a weakness?–of the Left’s mindset.

For the Left every aspect of life is, indeed, political — it has to be for any Ideologue. This is because an Ideologue sees everything as needing to conform to the system of ideas they have accepted as being necessary for Life to be good and worthy.

The Ideologue designs a blueprint for how Life must proceed and every material to be used in it is governed by the design. Any deviation and the structure risks becoming unstable. Like a building plan, an Ideology must be followed to the letter and, therefore, it has to dictate the specifications for everything needed to make a building efficient [electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.]. Thus, an Ideology must encompass every facet of Life. It must pervade every nook and cranny.

Read the whole thing.  It’s strong work.

Just to build on Bob’s idea, think about progressives and how they relate to their cultural signifiers.

For many people on the Left, Jon Stewart is a comedic genius.  He’s also the scourge of evil Rethuglicans.  He’s also the voice of a generation.  He’s also a total dreamboat.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

It’s just too bad he and his buddy Stephen Colbert don’t get the same ratings as “Swamp People”–even when you add the viewers of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report together.

But because Jon Stewart is a vociferous liberal who routinely buttresses leftist assumptions, he is covered in accolades far beyond his actual influence or ability.

The mental and emotional gymnastics needed to be a liberal must be exhausting.  You have to support undertalented overrated court jesters.  You have to laugh at their tired clap-humor.  You have to recite their dopey bits at parties as if they were the second coming of Richard Pryor.

And that just covers the television socialists that have to be fawned over.  There are many musicians who put their liberal politics well ahead of their songs.  From Bon Jovi to Bruce Springsteen, the pop world if chock full of lippy leftists who haven’t made relevant music for decades because they’re too busy to sniffing the Democrat Party’s jock.  Those luminaries of the left must be coddled and worshiped as well.

The best recent example of Karl Marx getting a permanent invite to a recording studio is Green Day, seen here acting ‘zany, yet disaffected’.

"Support Cap-N-Trade, or I will choke out Tre Cool and Billy Joe!"

Sorry ladies, they’re dip-shits.

If you recall, Green Day was a post-grunge snot punk band who had pretty much worn out their welcome with music fans right around the point when “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” became the feel-meh overplayed hit of 1997.  After that triumph of tedium the group released a folkie rock album that went directly into the bargain bins.  A pair of greatest hits/b-sides compilations killed some time as the new millennium rolled along.  For a while, it seemed like Green Day might do the honorable thing and break up due to lack of interest.

By 2004, most of the American public graduated from middle school and moved on from Green Day.  The dream of one day living in a world untainted by Bill Joe Armstrong’s pathetic fake-British accent was almost a glorious reality, but the band still had one more trick to play: Knee-Jerk George Bush Bashing.  Even though the group had largely eschewed political statements throughout their career,  American Idiot was rock opera based around the astoundingly novel concept that America is awful, traditional values are a cancer and neoconservatives are ghouls.

Naturally, American Idiot was a huge hit that revitalized the band’s career, mostly because it courageously told Hollywood and the New York Times exactly what they already believed.  Green Day became the go-to band for college freshmen looking for My First Agitprop while providing pop-culture cover for the arm-patch jacket hipster brigades.  With “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” grinding away on the ipod, one could finally read Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Dissent” without immediately falling asleep.

The problem is that as a piece of art  American Idiot is jaw-droppingly weak.  Besides the title track’s frenetic energy, the songs just aren’t there.  The album is too polished for punk, too emo for metal and too pop-oriented for either.

As muddled as that sounds, the real sonic failing is the pair of overambitious 9 minute long song/suites.  Making a rock opera is difficult when the writers have talent. It’s even harder when lead guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong has only a tenuous grasp of his instrument. “Jesus of Suburbia” in particular is a cobbled-together dog’s lunch of decent to mediocre guitar riffs interspersed with Billy Joe’s faux-literate complaints about small town America.  The lyrics are tedious, but the song itself suffers from the lazy transitions and ramshackle construction of the tune’s not-so-great components.

If American Idiot was not a pointed blast of hate directed at George Bush and red state America, there is no way the media and the progressive movement (alas, I have repeated myself) would’ve lauded Green Day to the degree they did.  If American Idiot’s lyrical content had been apolitical, it would’ve been perceived as just another craptastic Green Day disc.  No loving reviews, no Grammy awards, no high-toned Broadway adaptation–none of that would’ve occurred based strictly on the artistic merits of  American Idiot.

In other words, liberals had to talk up a ham-fisted piece of creative shit just because it aligned with their socialist tastes.

This is no way to live.  It’s emotionally barren and neutered.  We on the Right should avoid this trap with all our strength.

I keep making this observation, but I think it’s worth making several dozen more times: Although conservatives pride themselves on “Not worshipping the government” and “having interests and lives outside of politics” — as contrasted with liberals — in fact, if you consume conservative media, you will find our media completely rubbishes that claim, because the expressly conservative media is almost entirely about government and politics.

Even when the conservative media notes the occasional fiction book, the review is often largely about what the book says about politics or morality. That is, even in a review of fiction we seem over-concerned with the politically didactic usefulness of art.

No insult to Matthew Condinetti, and I should note it’s not exclusively about those things — I cite this just as a for-instance. I see this a lot. K-Lo will put in a positive review for an Adam Sandler-produced movie like Deuce Bigelow (yeah, I think I remembered she liked it), but will spend the bulk of her praise talking about how the movie illustrates Deuce’s central decency and how that is a Good Message and… yawn.

Is it a funny movie? Does it achieve its goals? Does it entertain? Does it provoke? Those are the proper grounds for review of a film or book. Sure, given a conservative audience, you’d also want to note the objectionable material or positive messages in a sentence or two, to alert conservative-minded people about them. But such things are not properly the main grounds for appreciation of a fiction.

Rest the rest of Ace’s piece.  It’s very good.

Here’s something that may sound a little too simple, but it’s still true–Conservatives should critique art.  Conservatives should confront the culture head on.  More importantly, conservatives should get a glove and get in the game of creating art.  What conservatives should not do is automatically get behind a movie or book just because it’s sympathetic to the Right.

Let the Left have a monopoly on being knee-jerk applause clowns. By all means progressives, keep barking like trained seals for corrupt propaganda pieces.  Liberals have already more than filled America’s quota for sycophantic entertainment knob-polishers.

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Maureen Dowd Might Want To Make Babies With Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert…

Posted by KingShamus on April 13, 2012

…but nobody watches their stupid pointless shows.

Thursday night, “The Daily Show,” that high-larious satire program hosted by Jon — New Murrow — Stewart, captured 1.827 million viewers.

His pal Stephen Colbert managed to wrangle 1.371 million viewers.

That means that these two shows, which the media assure us are populist phenomenons, garnered a total of 3.198 million people … or somewhere around .092% of the American population.

On the other hand, “Swamp People” humiliated them both (combined!), with a total viewership of nearly 5 million.

Read the rest, as John Nolte basically demolishes the Cult of The Fake-But-Real Comedy Central News Hour.

The funny thing about living in the Left’s media universe is that even conservatives can buy into the hype; in this case, specifically, me.

It’s amazing, really.  I think of myself as relatively keyed-in to the huge progressive influence on the media.  I get how the people who the run the news and entertainment industries (yes, I repeat myself) are pretty much all doctrinaire liberals.

Yet even with that built-in understanding, I still sorta take the media at their word.  “Oh yeah, Stephen Colbert is a cultural icon.”  “Yes of course The Daily Show is a massive hit.”

Why do I think that?  Because CNN’s producers keep telling me how the brilliant satire of The Colbert Report effortlessly skewers Fox News.  Because the New York Times just can’t stop huffing Jon Stewart’s sweet Obama-shilling dong.  Because everybody with an MSM megaphone repeats the con-job over and over again.

Meanwhile, if  “The Daily Show” is a crucial voice within the cultural zeitgeist with a million pairs of eyeballs watching it, what does that make the five million viewers strong “Swamp People”?  A back-asswards curiosity for anyone locked into the left-wing thought bubble, naturally.

Because the people who run Hollywood and the mainstream news outlets are leftist ideologues, they desperately want consumers to think that progressive programming–and thus progressive political views–are popular and normal.  That means constantly pumping up shows that bolster left wing politics, even when the programs are niche products found on niche networks with limited viewerships. This is what turns “The Colbert Report”, a tiresome one joke sketch for college-age water-bong enthusiasts, into the voice of a generation.

The thing is that it’s a scam.  Better still, even goofballs like me can see the game they’re running.  The folks at home are starting to get wise to the bullshit.

But it’s not all bad news for the progressive movement.  It’s not like leftist think tanks are all just a bunch of well-funded astro-turf operations.  Oh, wait…

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The Barack Obama/Jon Stewart One-Sided Bromance

Posted by KingShamus on February 23, 2012

Skip to about 6:00 to see Daily Show Stewie figure out that, darn it, Barry just isn’t that into him.


But forget Stewart’s kvetching for a tick.

One wonders what the hell the audience is laughing at here. What’s really funny about this bit? “Haha, the President finds us tedious and stupid! What a knee-slapper!”

Its impossible to know for certain, but David Letterman’s audience isn’t likely to be overly conservative. Over the last decade or so, Letterman has tried his damnedest to alienate anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi. At this point, the folks who make up the crowd at a Letterman Show taping are either apolitical low-information independents or pro-clap humor leftists who couldn’t get seats to The Colbert Report. The people yukking it up at Stewart’s gags are by and large Obama supporters. Do they hate themselves?

Beyond the audience’s self-loathing, Jon Stewart doesn’t come off all that well either. Homeboy might’ve been a comedian back in the day, but his nebbish self-deprecation act is pretty much completely played out. Its one thing to work the ‘I-hate-myself’ bits when you’re a struggling comic doing the warm-up gig at a dive club in Duluth. When you’re a prominent well-paid member of the Viacom Corporation, it’s hard to keep selling the same jokes you’ve been using since the Clinton Administration.

Speaking of jokes, besides a few throwaway lines here and there, where was Stewart’s mad comedy skillz? Jonnie’s adoring fans at MSNBC and the New York Times insist that he’s a comic genius. Yet here is Stewart riffing on the some of the most clichéd material imaginable. Unless you think ‘Say, ever notice how Jewish people aren’t known for their athletic prowess’ jokes are cutting edge. It’s amazing how much sharper Stewart is when he’s got his raft of Daily Show writers and editors setting him up. Without that crutch, Stewart is little more than a hammy Borscht Belt throwback.

The wounded puppy dog undertone in Stewart’s joke is fairly pathetic too. It has the stench of a man who realizes that his political idol views him as little more than a means to an end. Stewart probably didn’t think the Age of Obama wasn’t gonna end up this way. After 2008 everybody was supposed to head on out to the dance floor and get with the socialist slide, with Stewart as the line-dance leader. The only issue left to debate was just how fast America was going to hurdle towards the warm bosom of the nanny-state.

Instead the Tea Party sprang up and shit the punchbowl with all their buzzkill talk about entitlement reform, stopping runaway spending and embracing the Tenth Amendment. Then the 2010 midterms rolled around and the reich-wing raaaaacist GOPers went and ruined what was supposed to be Stewart’s Democrat-saving rally by actually winning the House. Now its 2012 and Stewart’s BFF isn’t exactly cruising to a 45 state landslide.

Worse, Jon Stewart has been reduced to being just another grunt in the President’s palace guard. That’s not awesome. Who the hell wants to be the ideological equivalent of an end-table in the Barack Enablers Club?  Seems like Stewart is starting to realize just who is the very junior partner in his relationship with President Obama.

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