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Maureen Dowd Might Want To Make Babies With Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert…

Posted by KingShamus on April 13, 2012

…but nobody watches their stupid pointless shows.

Thursday night, “The Daily Show,” that high-larious satire program hosted by Jon — New Murrow — Stewart, captured 1.827 million viewers.

His pal Stephen Colbert managed to wrangle 1.371 million viewers.

That means that these two shows, which the media assure us are populist phenomenons, garnered a total of 3.198 million people … or somewhere around .092% of the American population.

On the other hand, “Swamp People” humiliated them both (combined!), with a total viewership of nearly 5 million.

Read the rest, as John Nolte basically demolishes the Cult of The Fake-But-Real Comedy Central News Hour.

The funny thing about living in the Left’s media universe is that even conservatives can buy into the hype; in this case, specifically, me.

It’s amazing, really.  I think of myself as relatively keyed-in to the huge progressive influence on the media.  I get how the people who the run the news and entertainment industries (yes, I repeat myself) are pretty much all doctrinaire liberals.

Yet even with that built-in understanding, I still sorta take the media at their word.  “Oh yeah, Stephen Colbert is a cultural icon.”  “Yes of course The Daily Show is a massive hit.”

Why do I think that?  Because CNN’s producers keep telling me how the brilliant satire of The Colbert Report effortlessly skewers Fox News.  Because the New York Times just can’t stop huffing Jon Stewart’s sweet Obama-shilling dong.  Because everybody with an MSM megaphone repeats the con-job over and over again.

Meanwhile, if  “The Daily Show” is a crucial voice within the cultural zeitgeist with a million pairs of eyeballs watching it, what does that make the five million viewers strong “Swamp People”?  A back-asswards curiosity for anyone locked into the left-wing thought bubble, naturally.

Because the people who run Hollywood and the mainstream news outlets are leftist ideologues, they desperately want consumers to think that progressive programming–and thus progressive political views–are popular and normal.  That means constantly pumping up shows that bolster left wing politics, even when the programs are niche products found on niche networks with limited viewerships. This is what turns “The Colbert Report”, a tiresome one joke sketch for college-age water-bong enthusiasts, into the voice of a generation.

The thing is that it’s a scam.  Better still, even goofballs like me can see the game they’re running.  The folks at home are starting to get wise to the bullshit.

But it’s not all bad news for the progressive movement.  It’s not like leftist think tanks are all just a bunch of well-funded astro-turf operations.  Oh, wait…

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