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Music Monday Super Bowl After Party — “We Are The Champions” (Live) by Queen

Posted by KingShamus on February 4, 2013

Congratulations to the world champion Baltimore Ravens.




And so ends the 2012-2013 National Football League season.

If you’re a Ravens fan, this couldn’t be a more epic victory.  Ray Lewis got to ride off into retirement as a two time Super Bowl winner.  Ed Reed snagged an interception to tie him for most post-season picks by a defensive player.  Joe Flacco capped his insane playoff run with a well-deserved MVP trophy.  John Harbaugh beat his brother to take home the Lombardi trophy.  The team had to fight off both a momentum-killing 34 minute power outage and a second half comeback attempt by the San Francisco 49ers, yet still managed to score a victory.

For a Super Bowl that didn’t seem like it had the big time vibe of past games, the contest itself had many tense moments.  There were stand-out defensive plays, ridiculous athleticism from both offenses and an amazing kickoff return for a touchdown.  Even though the Ravens never trailed, the 49ers taking advantage of the power outage to slowly reel Baltimore back within striking distance was dramatic.

This is a reminder of something we take for granted.  It really doesn’t matter who’s playing in the Super Bowl.  You could have the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Carolina Panthers.  As long as the teams are roughly equal in skill, the games are going to be pretty fun to watch.

Speaking of that power outage, here’s something schadenfreude-y.

Show of hands if you had ‘Green Energy Fail’ on your Super Bowl Bingo card.

Think about this:  The Super Bowl is a multi-billion dollar game.  Fortunes are spent on 30 seconds of ad time.  Businesses fight and claw each other just to be kinda-sorta attached to this event.  Cities lobby to host the game because they know it’s an economic boon.  There’s some serious crony capitalistic shizzle going on with the American professional sport’s premier night.

And yet, even with all that money and prestige on the line, the efficiency experts couldn’t figure out how to get power to a football stadium.

If you think that’s great,  just think how rad it’s going to be when the Obamatons mandate smart meters for your house.

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Music Monday Victory – “We Are The Champions (Live)” By Queen

Posted by KingShamus on February 6, 2012

Congratulations go to the New York Football Giants, the 2012 world champions of football.

Question:  Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls in the last five years.  Is he an elite quarterback yet? People made fun of Manning when he said last summer that he was on a par with the great playcallers in the NFL.  Well, the funny thing is that not too many quarterbacks playing right now have two Super Bowl rings.  Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and now Eli Manning; that’s it.

Doesn’t this win put Eli Manning in the elite of current NFL quarterbacks?  If it doesn’t, what the hell does?  Does homeboy have to win another championship?  Does he have to get another Super Bowl MVP?

I realize that before this season Eli didn’t have ultra-gaudy regular season numbers.  Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and–yes–Tom Brady all have more impressive regular season statistics.  There have been times during his career when Eli has looked very average.  While Manning has done well to cut down on his mistakes this season, it’s not like he never threw an interception or missed a receiver.

The thing is, when Manning has to get the job done in a pressure-filled moment in the game, he responds far more often than he doesn’t.  He only threw about a thousand fourth quarter touchdowns this year.  More importantly, both of his Super Bowl appearances have been marked by spectacular plays that facilitated a victory.

By any measure, Eli Manning is an elite quarterback.  The way you know it is simple.  If Eli retired right now with no other additions to his resume, he’d almost assuredly go into the NFL Hall of Fame.  There’s a chance he’d get into the Hall on the first ballot.  That’s how great Manning has been over the course of his career.

Ehhh, just some food for thought.  In the end, the most important thing is that the G-Men came away with the victory.  Congratulations to the world champion New York Giants.

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Music Monday Celebration-“We Are The Champions” by Queen

Posted by KingShamus on February 7, 2011

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, who today are the World Champions of football.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. By any measure, they had a great season. Certainly better than the Giants *COUGHAnotherLateSeasonChokeCOUGH*.

I thought the Super Bowl was a helluva game this year. When the Steelers had the ball late, I was sure Big Ben was going to drive the field and punch one in to win it. I’m shocked how unorganized Pittsburgh was at the end of the game.

In any event, the Super Bowl was a great contest. Now, if the NFL…the owners and the players…can somehow figure out how not to kill the gold-egge laying goose, then things will be hunky-dory. It would be an incredible irony if, at the height of their fame and fortune, the American pro football league shot themselves in the foot with some kind of work stoppage.

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